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Have you ever had a problem you couldn't solve? No matter how much you thought and prayed about it the problem just seemed to persist.  Maybe you've wondered why the problem just wouldn't go away? In Nehemiah 1&2, Pastor Michael Hughes shows us how the Lord used big problem in Nehemiah's life to bring about big opportunities.

There are several major holidays given in the Bible for the children of Israel to celebrate. But what were they all about? Take a listen to Pastor Michael Hughes as he shares from John 1:1-14 about how Jesus is the reason!

A restoration project can be pretty satisfying to watch, whether its a house or a car, seeing something come back to it's former glory is such a fulfilling thing.  So too, in Nehemiah 7 7 7 Pastor Michael Hughes shows us hoe Israel was restored and how they celebrated being back in God's holy city.

We've all come up against opposition in the past. Sometimes people deliberately put obstacles in our way to prevent what we're trying to do. As Pastor Michael Hughes explains in Nehemiah 6, sometimes opposition is confirmation that you're going in the right direction.

Would you be more generous if you had more money in your bank account? In Philippians 4:10-23, Pastor Michael Hughes explains that in Christ we have unlimited resources, therefore we should be generous in every way by God's grace.

Sometimes it can be hard to get along with others, even other Christians. As Pastor Michael Hughes explains in Philippians 4:1-9, when we find ourselves at odds with another believer we need to take our eyes off of them and focus on the Lord instead.

Have you ever gotten distracted from something important that you were doing? Maybe social media has distracted you from work, or something on your phone distracted you from driving?  As Pastor Michael Hughes explains in Nehemiah 5-6, losing track of your priorities can result in unnecessary difficulties and disaster.

What does it mean to be a Christian? As Pastor Jesse Hurless shares in this special message, Jesus taught us in Matthew 5:1-12 what being a Christian should actually look like.

Calvary Chapel Emmett is blessed to host special guest Wes Bentley, founder and director of Far Reaching Ministries. A missionary ministry organization heavily involved in South Sudan and Uganda. Enjoy.

Setting out to do a new thing can be exciting and fun. However once the excitement has worn off you might find yourself discouraged and even up against opposition. As Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Nehemiah 4 some of our most discouraging times can actually become opportunities for God to work miracles.

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