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When you become a parent for the first time there is so much to learn. As Pastor Michael Hughes from Luke 1:26-38, young Joseph and Mary had a lot to learn not only about being a parent, but also about trusting God.

Have you ever been faced with an impossible situation or problem?  Sometimes when things seem hopeless, we should perhaps be more hopeful. In Luke 1:26-38 Pastor Michael Hughes shows us how Mary thought her situation was impossible, only to learn that with God, all things are possible.


When we recognize that God has done something incredible in our lives it can often inspire us to reform the way that we live.  As Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Nehemiah 10-13 the Children of Israel did the same thing when God completed the rebuilding of the city walls.

Sometimes a job is bigger than it seems.  Building a house seems like a big job in and of itself and yet, there is a lot of work to be done underground before a foundation can even be built. In Luke 1:1-25 Pastor Michael Hughes shares how sometimes the groundwork is the most important work that can be accomplished.

Sometimes it's hard to understand just how much progress you're making moving forward until you take a moment to look at where you came from. In this special message from Luke 1:1-4, Pastor Michael Hughes shares some perspective on our church family as we look forward to God's future plans for Calvary Chapel Emmett.

During the start of a new year many people seek to make changes in their lives by starting a New Year's Resolution.  But what is the motivation behind our resolutions? In Daniel 1:1-17 Pastor Jeremiah Campos examines the motives of our resolutions and challenges us to change the way we go about making them.

Have you ever had a problem you couldn't solve? No matter how much you thought and prayed about it the problem just seemed to persist.  Maybe you've wondered why the problem just wouldn't go away? In Nehemiah 1&2, Pastor Michael Hughes shows us how the Lord used big problem in Nehemiah's life to bring about big opportunities.

There are several major holidays given in the Bible for the children of Israel to celebrate. But what were they all about? Take a listen to Pastor Michael Hughes as he shares from John 1:1-14 about how Jesus is the reason!

A restoration project can be pretty satisfying to watch, whether its a house or a car, seeing something come back to it's former glory is such a fulfilling thing.  So too, in Nehemiah 7 7 7 Pastor Michael Hughes shows us hoe Israel was restored and how they celebrated being back in God's holy city.

We've all come up against opposition in the past. Sometimes people deliberately put obstacles in our way to prevent what we're trying to do. As Pastor Michael Hughes explains in Nehemiah 6, sometimes opposition is confirmation that you're going in the right direction.

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