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Sometimes in life we experience circumstances that we may think are difficult or horrible. We wonder why God would allow this terrible thing to happen to us. As Pastor Michael Hughes shares in Philippians 1:12-20, sometimes God will use the things that caused us the most pain to bring us incredible joy later on.

There's no place like home, especially with the ones you love. We forget that sometimes. As Pastor Mike explains in Ezra 3-4 there is nothing like getting back into fellowship with God.

How much money would it take to solve your problems?  A thousand dollars? Ten thousand dollars?  As Pastor Jeremiah shows us in Matthew 6:24-34, there is no amount of money that will ever stop us from worrying or fill the needs in our souls. Only Jesus can do that.

Being out of town for a long time can be a stressful and exhausting experience, even if its a vacation.  There is just something so exciting and comforting about coming home and being surrounded by all that you know and love.  As Pastor Michael Hughes explains, the book of Ezra is a historical record of one of the greatest homecomings in human history. the return of worship to the temple in Jerusalem.

What brings you joy?  Is it your relationships with your family or friends?  Is it your work? Maybe it's volunteering somewhere?  In Philippians 1:1-11 Pastor Michael Hughes kicks off our new series with a focus on the greatest source of our everlasting joy.

Being picked last for a team can be humiliating.  In the book of Revelation, John writes seven letters to seven churches under the direction of Jesus.  the church picked last was Thyatira.  However, as Pastor Michael Hughes explains, it wasn't because the church in Thyatira wasn't appreciated, in fact, our Lord Jesus had a very important and special message for those believers.

As we draw this study through the books of 1st & 2nd Chronicles to a close, Pastor Michael Hughes shares with us some valuable truths as we look at the final rise of Judah under King Josiah, as well as the inevitable fall to Egypt and Babylon. 

It's important to have the right equipment when going into battle.  A proper uniform, armor, weapons, and ammunition are all important for today's soldiers.  As Pastor Michael Hughes explains in Ephesians 6:10-24, we must remember that we are all involved in a spiritual battle every day of our lives.  It's important for us to arm ourselves spiritually in order to have victory through Jesus.

Cleaning up a mess is never fun, especially when someone else made the mess.  We all know that our personal and spiritual lives can get messy too. In 2 Chronicles 33-34 Pastor Michael Hughes shows us that when messes get cleaned up, there is a beautiful satisfaction that comes.  Even if we have to clean up a mess that someone else made.  

Have you ever noticed that great moments in our spiritual lives seemed to be followed by serious trials? Just when we really start to make progress in our faith the enemy comes along trying to destroy what the Lord has built. As Pastor Michael Hughes explains in 2 Chronicles 31-32, it was the same for Hezekiah and the city of Jerusalem.

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