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In the Bible there are many historical accounts of Kings who did the faithful thing by trusting in God and also did the faithless thing by trusting in Men. So too in our lives we can fall into the same trap. In 2 chronicles 16 Pastor Michael Hughes shares with us the faithfulness and the folly of King Asa.

It can be difficult to watch someone make poor choices, especially when they know better.  In Galatians 3:1-14 Pastor Michael Hughes shares with us how the Apostle Paul expressed such bewilderment at the actions of the believers in Galatia, who seemed to have forgotten the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Bibles tells us that the eyes of the Lord roam to and fro over all the earth. Have you ever really thought of the implications of that? That He sees everything all the time. In 2 Chronicles 14-16 Pastor Michael Hughes explains how this idea can be a comfort to us as believers.

Have you ever tried to fix something and only made it worse? Maybe you were trying to repair something or make peace with a loved one and things just seemed to end up even more broken than when you began? in Galatians 2:11-21 Pastor Michael Hughes explains that when it comes to our right standing before God, our works will only make things worse. Yet our forgiveness is freely offered by God Himself.

Salt can be a very good thing. It can perfectly season our food, it can keep us safe on the roads, salt can even benefit our health in many ways. However, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.  In 2 Chronicles 13, Pastor Michael Hughes explains just how easily something that was good can quickly become something very very bad.

We know that the Gospel is important for the non-believer, it's the Good News for salvation.  What about for those who have already heard and believed the good news, is the Gospel also important for the church?  In Galatians 1:6-7 Pastor Michael Hughes shares with us how the principles of the gospel are still important for Christians to cling to.

Christmas is a season rich with traditions. many families even have Christmas Eve traditions, but does your family celebrate Christmas Adam?  In this fun Christmas season message pastor Michael Hughes shows us just how import Christmas Adam actually is.

We've all been in that place where we've had to introduce ourselves to a group of people. Maybe it was our fist day in a new school or at a new job.  First impressions can be important. In Galatians 2:1-10 pastor Michael Hughes explains how the apostle Paul had to reintroduce himself to the believers in Jerusalem and convince that that God had done a new thing in him.

Have you ever tripped and stumbled in the dark because you couldn't see where you were going? What about driving down the road when oncoming traffic has their brights on? The light can be helpful and sometimes even blinding. In Galatians 1:11-24 Pastor Michael Hughes shares how the truth of scripture is often times exactly what we need in order to see life properly.

Enjoy this relaxed and informal presentation of live questions fielded by Senior Pastor Michael Hughes and special Guest Sean Timm during a recent Question and Answer Night held at Calvary Chapel of Emmett.

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