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There is no such thing as a the perfect family. And while every family may go through their struggles, families that experience severe issues may often be called dysfunctional. Dysfunctional families can be all too common.  In 2 Chronicles 21-23 pastor Michael Hughes shows us how God can continue to use and even redeem the dysfunction within a family.

The book of Nehemiah is the historical account of the rebuilding of the walls around the city of Jerusalem.  From that account we can gather many biblical principals having to do with taking on large building projects. Take a listen as Pastor Michael Hughes shares some of these principles with our own church family as we follow the Lord into a new building project of our own.

Have you ever felt like you're just not good enough to be a Christian or go to church?  Often times we find ourselves struggling with the weight of our sins. In Galatians 5:1-15, Pastor Michael Hughes shows us how Paul encouraged early Christians to embrace the freedom of forgiveness in Christ.

Just about everyone knows what it’s like to be at odds with a family member.  Usually it’s a dispute with a sibling or parents.  We all know that it can make living together tense and awkward. In Galatians 4:21-31 Pastor Michael Hughes shares how difficult things can get between Christians when we are involved in feuds.

We have all been rebuked from time to time. Maybe you deserved it or maybe you didn't. Often what matters most is the way that we receive that rebuke.  In 2 Chronicles 19-20 Pastor Michael Hughes explains that a little humility can go a long way.

Have you ever bumped into something because you weren't watching where you are going? Maybe you were looking down at your phone and missed an obstacle right in front of you. When we lose focus of the proper thing we can often be mislead. As Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Galatians 4:11-20, the Apostle Paul has some powerful words to help us keep focused on the things that really matter, not just in life, but for all eternity.

Enjoy this relaxed and informal presentation of live questions fielded by Senior Pastor Michael Hughes and special Guest Sean Timm during a recent Question and Answer Night held at Calvary Chapel of Emmett.

It's pretty easy for believers to fall into the trap of thinking that our works or rituals can make God love us more. Sometimes we might even believe that we are better than others who don't do all of the religious things that we do.  In Galatians 4:1-11 Pastor Michael Hughes shares how Paul had to set the record straight and remind the church in Galatia that to follow religious rules is to put ourselves back underneath the law of God that He died to fulfill. 

The Bible says that bad company corrupts good morals.  This is why it's so important that we are careful to choose our friends wisely.  In 2 Chronicles 17-18 Pastor Michael Hughes shares with us how this principal can be worked out practically in our daily lives.

We've all been wrong a time or two in our lives, that's just part of the human experience.  There are times however when our incorrect beliefs or views dictate our actions and cause us to make some pretty serious life mistakes. As Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Galatians 3:15-29, even when we are headed in completely the wrong direction there is always an opportunity to flip things around.

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