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During the summer of 2020 our nation began to experience unrest, riots, and uncertainty. In the midst of a global pandemic, shortage of goods, natural disasters, violent protests, and destruction of property many people wondered how to find God in all of the chaos. Take a listen as Pastor Jeremiah shares from 1 Kings in a message titled, "The Message in the Mayhem"  

Has someone ever tried to help you and only made things more difficult or frustrating for you? This is a very real problem we run into in life. As Pastor Michael Hughes shows us in Job 11-14, during the most difficult time of his life the help that Job's friends offered was not helpful at all.

It's one thing to examine a situation before you and decide whether compromise would be a good or bad thing. It's another to look back and realize that compromises of the past have caused you to go astray. as Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Revelation 2:18-29, Jesus shows us how to overcome from a compromised lifestyle.

Trials and tribulation can leave us speechless sometimes. In Job 8-10, Pastor Michael Hughes shows us how Job handles his trials and what he said when he felt like he couldn't say anything at all.

Going through trials and tribulation is about as uncomfortable as you can get. As Pastor Michael Hughes shows us from Job 4, sometimes the well intended but misguided words of others can be the most uncomfortable things to deal with.

In certain cases compromise can be a good thing. In other cases compromise can lead to so much hurt. In Revelation 2:12-17 Pastor Michael Hughes shows us how Jesus has a lot of wisdom when it comes to compromise.

Maybe things have been rough for you lately. The truth is we all go through painful moments in life. But how should we respond when we can see those difficulties coming down the road? As Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Revelation 2:8-11, we should not fear anything if we truly hope in Jesus.

Sometimes our problems seem to grow out of our control. What's even worse is when new problems arise and our difficulties seem to multiply. as Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Job 2-3, even when our problems begin to pile up and we despair even for our lives, God is still totally in control and worthy of our trust.

Have you ever gotten so busy with work or ministry that you forget who you're working for in the first place? As Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Revelation 2:1-7, being in a loving relationship with Jesus is what it's all about

Sometimes our expectations can lead to real disappointment when reality hits. As Pastor Jeremiah Campos shares from 1 Samuel 16:1-13, sometimes we need to remember that our expectations are nowhere near as amazing as God's plans.

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