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Maybe things have been rough for you lately. The truth is we all go through painful moments in life. But how should we respond when we can see those difficulties coming down the road? As Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Revelation 2:8-11, we should not fear anything if we truly hope in Jesus.

Sometimes our problems seem to grow out of our control. What's even worse is when new problems arise and our difficulties seem to multiply. as Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Job 2-3, even when our problems begin to pile up and we despair even for our lives, God is still totally in control and worthy of our trust.

Have you ever gotten so busy with work or ministry that you forget who you're working for in the first place? As Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Revelation 2:1-7, being in a loving relationship with Jesus is what it's all about

Sometimes our expectations can lead to real disappointment when reality hits. As Pastor Jeremiah Campos shares from 1 Samuel 16:1-13, sometimes we need to remember that our expectations are nowhere near as amazing as God's plans.

Few people in the Bible experienced more heartbreak and loss than Job did. Yet even though the devil would take everything valuable from Job, he could not take the most important thing, Job's relationship with the Lord. Follow along as Pastor Michael Hughes begins a new series through the Book of Job.

What makes a good Mom? In this special Mother's Day message Pastor Jeremiah Campos leads us through Proverbs 31 to gain a better perspective on the magnificence of mothers.

The Corona-virus statistics in the state of Idaho are heading the right direction and Calvary Chapel of Emmett has been allowed to open it's doors under certain regulations. Take a listen as Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Revelation 3:7-14 about having an ope door.

In this special message from Pastor Jason Hill, we'll look at what it really means to be separated while many of us are in quarantine under stay-at-home orders. This service was recorded LIVE on 04/25/2020!

How well do you handle difficult times? Everyone experiences set backs and trials, that is simply an unavoidable part of life. However, as Pastor Jeremiah explains in Acts 27, sometimes those difficult times are actually part of God's perfect plan.

Waiting can be hard to do, especially when you think of all that you could be doing instead. As Pastor Michael Hughes shares from Romans 8:14-28, sometimes waiting is actually the best thing that we can do.

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